A new socially-conscious business with fair trade ties to Nepal. Increase brand awareness and develop e-commerce infrastructure.


Fair trade businesses usually mean working with razor thin profit margins. This makes conventional advertising less manageable when a company is starting and doesn’t have enough working capital to scale media buys and inventory purchase. Our goal was to develop a content marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and drive traffic from the yoga and meditation market.

Simultaneously the e-commerce site needed to be developed for both retail and wholesale with complex inventory management over multiple channels.


Developed new site with multiple revisions to continuously fine-tune conversions with an increase upwards of 500%. Increased traffic with content and SEO efforts by over 3000%. Developed integrated wholesale user back-end to allow wholesale customers to seamlessly order through existing e-commerce site. Designed and managed marketing strategy for Kickstarter campaign yielding over $14,000 in new funding backers.